Bomi Bilimoria, Licensed Massage Therapist

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About Me

Hello New York! I recently relocated with my family to New York after many successful years practicing medical massage in the Silicon Valley of California. I am excited to begin treating clients in Westchester County and New York City. For those who are curious, my first name, Bomi, rhymes with "Tommy".


My Approach

As a former mechanical engineer, I use an analytical, empathetic, and collaborative approach to understand the root causes of muscular pain or dysfunction for each client. I then develop a customized treatment plan to restore muscular health and achieve client satisfaction.


I have provided medical massage for 14 years in private practice and in partnership with leading doctors and chiropractors in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have treated competitive athletes, professionals and office workers, senior citizens, and others suffering from acute pain and chronic muscular conditions.


I am trained in a range of medical massage and manual therapy modalities, as well as pathology, disease, illness and injury, and contraindications of massage related to various medical conditions. I received my professional training and certifications from:

  • Body Therapy Center, Palo Alto, CA - Certification in Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Clinical Massage & Bodywork, Sports Massage 

  • Hendrickson Method Institute, Berkeley, CA - Certification in Orthopedic Massage and Manual Therapy

  • Finger Lakes School of Massage, Mt. Kisco, NY - Continuing education in Pathology, Kinesiology, and Nervous Systems

Professional Licenses and Affiliations

  • New York State Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) License 031779-01

  • American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) member