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Testimonials: Treatments


Helping clients achieve their health and athletic goals is Bomi’s professional mission. To honor their trust, he commits fully to each client. Here are comments from clients about their experience working with him.

Bomi is a miracle worker. I went to see him with a glute injury that had been causing me excruciating pain for over a month, making it difficult for me to sit or walk. With each session, I felt noticeable improvement, and within several weeks, I was completely healed. Bomi's engineering background is evident through his thoughtful and methodical approach to diagnosing the root of the problem. His commitment to the science of therapeutic massage is evident in his technique and his ability to explain what and why he's doing what he's doing. On top of that, he's a fantastic listener and incredibly empathetic. Beyond being the most skilled massage professional I have ever met, it's clear Bomi is also a wonderful and caring human being. I am crushed that Bomi is moving to the east coast. San Mateo is losing an amazing massage therapist, but I am confident Bomi will continue to help people find health, wellness and balance no matter where he is.

Eunice N

Washed-up college athlete here. Went to see Bomi for an acute hamstring strain (desk job has done a number on my posture), and ended up doing a deep dive into all of my lingering neuromuscular problems from years of ankle sprains and general poor training discipline. Bomi is professional, knowledgeable, and extremely attentive. He listens very carefully to build an understanding of your issues and history, and he has an uncanny ability for uncovering problems you either didn't know about, or had been ignoring. I remember before my first session I thought the pricing seemed a little expensive, but I would honestly pay at least 2-3 times for what Bomi provides, given the improvement I have seen over about a month and a half. Easy 5 stars, 10/10, A+, etc.

Kevin M

Bomi’s massage therapy is intelligent, compassionate, professional and healing.  Some of my neck muscles had been rigid and stuck for many years and he was able to soften and relax them in just a few sessions.  I have also seen his medical massages produce released muscle tension and renewed life in a recovering spinal cord injury.  Bomi’s sensitive hands and intuitive knowledge become a fusion of several modalities and respond beneficially to the needs of his clients. I feel confident that my friends and students can benefit from his excellent work.

Betty E

Hey all you athletes. I've been racing triathlon for 32 years and Bomi is the best sports massage therapist out there. If you're looking for injury prevention, injury rehab, or "race ready massage", Bomi is it!  He knows all the muscle groups and he applies the right amount of pressure and relief to get your body feeling great.  I know this because Bomi helped me win a USA Triathlon National Championships and a top 3 finish at Ironman 70.3 WC. If there were 6 stars available on Yelp, Bomi would deserve it.

Shane A

I have been in chronic back and hip pain from sports injuries for over two years. I had gone to physical therapy, seen doctors, and was unable to find an answer to my pain. Bomi has changed the course of my pain and life. He is infinitely kind, patient, and listens to my words and my body. After five sessions, I can say that I am finally leaving the world of chronic back pain. I have seen massage therapists before, however, Bomi's thoughtful approach is not so much a relaxing spa day as a relaxing targeted massage aimed at getting to the root of the problem (not just addressing the symptoms). I highly recommend him.

Julie M

I have nothing but good things to say about Bomi. He's simply the best massage therapist I know--and I've been to a lot over the years. My husband recommended Bomi to me after Bomi helped him recover from a running injury. Bomi has helped me find lasting relief from headaches and chronic pain in my upper body, after I had tried dozens of other treatments and practitioners over the past 13 years. He was also a godsend for a lower back problem I experienced last year. Bomi applies a problem solving approach that gets results, and has a genuine concern for helping people heal.

Trina W

I brought my 17 year old son to Bomi to help with his rehabilitation of a recurring high ankle sprain due to football. His injury kept him out of play most of the season. After Bomi's complete evaluation, he was able to address the issue and explain to both of us a game plan. Two visits later he was able to play an entire game!! My son was diligent on the home care recommended and I am sure after the season is over, rest alongside weekly treatment, he will be as good as new and ready for his other sports! I highly recommend Bomi. He is extremely polite, genuine and caring. He is also very educated in his field and you can clearly tell he loves what he does!! I was lucky to have found the perfect person to work with and plan on weekly visits to insure the best care for my son. 5 STARS!!

Margie T

What sets Bomi apart from the many massage therapists I have seen over the years is that he brings a unique combination: knowledge about the mechanics of the body, a deep compassion for his clients and their pain, and a good set of hands. By "good hands" I mean someone who uses touch with respect as well as strength and skill. It is rare to find someone so committed to the well-being of others.


I've been going to Bomi for years...I'm an athlete in my late 40's and whenever I really need to be fixed, I go see Bomi. I recently had an ACL replacement, and Bomi was instrumental in my successful recovery. Bomi helped break up the scar tissue that was hindering my knee's range of motion....I would not have recovered as quickly or thoroughly without his help. When you're an active adult, there's nothing worse than the setback of injury and surgery... but incorporating my physical therapy with Bomi's ability to break up the scar tissue helped me get back on my feet and back into my daily routine ... Thanks Bomi!!

Joe W

I was referred to Bomi from my chiropractor. Bomi is incredibly thoughtful, knowledgeable, intuitive and an exceptional therapist professional.  He spent a great deal of time with me during our first session, trying to understand the causation around my summer back injury and to work in parallel with my chiropractor's treatments to get me back to 100% sooner than later. After only a couple of exceptional visits, I am finding my recovery time is much faster and the exercises he recommended in between therapies have helped tremendously. I highly recommend the guy for any sports injury or an area that is just needing attention that cannot be rolled out or self-stretched.  Magic hands, thoughtful practitioner and someone who truly loves the therapeutic arts.  I am really impressed so far. The prices and the scope of recommended work is quite fair and communicated well, in advance.

Scott R

Bomi has helped me recover from a serious fracture to my leg. I first met with Bomi, seven weeks after my surgery. I came to him hoping he could help me reduce the pain and stiffness in the muscles, and also decrease the amount of numbness I was experiencing over the newly inserted pin/plate. He has done that and much more. Bomi has reduced my recovery time and given me a head start on physical therapy. I would highly recommend Bomi to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, caring, and highly motivating massage therapist.

Adam M

Bomi is magical! I came to him with chronic knee pain that had troubled me for over five years. After only a few treatments, Bomi had me running again for the first time in years! Since then I've gone to him for other issues from neck pain to headaches to tennis elbow and he's gotten the same remarkable results every time. On top of his incredible skill in orthopedic massage, Bomi is one of the kindest and most caring people I've ever met. I enjoy my appointments for the conversation as much as for the massage! I've recommended him to multiple others who have also raved about him and his ability to quickly get amazing results in overcoming pain where other techniques and other practitioners have failed to provide relief. I recommend him to everyone!

Charlotte F

I've gone to Bomi for massage for over a year and he's helped tremendously with my aches and pains (some tightness from athletic activities, some back pain from severe scoliosis).  He is intelligent, kind and intuitive.  Bomi listens carefully to what you say and then uses the knowledge during his massage; he is a healing professional. Your first appointment might be a lot of dialogue/intake as he figures out what your issues are; he will then use that knowledge going forward.  In addition to the office therapy, he often gives advice on home treatment.  Bomi has not only helped me heal from past injuries, but helps me prevent future injuries.  He is a talented massage therapist and a great person.

Deborah W

I have been a happy client of Bomi's for well over a year.  I began using his treatments to clear up some chronic back and shoulder pain and his very thorough and thoughtful approach to orthopedic massage was exactly what I was looking for.  This is not the "resort and spa" treatment - it is a rigorous and deep approach to the problem areas. My real appreciation of Bomi's talents were when I decided to get the shoulder surgery I had put off for many years.  Once that decision was made Bomi focused his attention on relaxing and keeping the shoulder as loose as possible. I had a two-hour session the day before the operation and I believe that was responsible for the speed of my full recovery.  Two months after the surgery I began working with Bomi again and his focused orthopedic massage in parallel with the post surgical physical therapy really worked wonders to control pain and gain full shoulder mobility.  I have my shoulder back! Can't thank him enough.

Matt B

Bomi’s expertise continues to amaze me. As a results-oriented massage therapy client, my expectations are high. When I’m in pain, I want it to go way, period. I like the fact that Bomi explains what he’s doing as he works with you. His orthopedic massage skills, coupled with muscle energy technique, work quickly and the results last. As soon as you meet Bomi, he makes you feel relaxed. As you tell him your concerns, you can tell his focus is not only on your discomfort, it is also on your overall well-being. He really listens to what’s going on with you. I refer Bomi to all my friends including other moms, family members and my boot camp buddies. The feedback is always the same: “Wow, he really knows what he’s doing.” 


For those women out there who are apprehensive about getting a massage from a male therapist, I have to tell you that Bomi is on a whole different level than your typical male therapist. I don’t know how else to describe it other than a feeling of safety. Feel comfortable that you will be receiving a nurturing, results oriented therapeutic experience.  Bomi is the best therapist I’ve found.

Susan M

I am a dual athlete and a cyclist who trains 8-14 hours a week and races about 20 events per year, so I get some amazing knots in my muscles. Monthly massages either after or before a big race, really make the difference for me. I first came to Bomi with some issues in my left knee. I had been diagnosed with chondromalacia (also known as runner’s knee) and hadn't been running for several months. In our first meeting Bomi went straight for my right hip and TFL, discovering some problems I didn't even know I had. He also started working intensely on the lower right quadrant of my back. After some eight months of seeing Bomi and following the stretching advice he gave to me, I can report that my right TFL and lower back have never felt greater. In fact, I don't even notice the hip imbalance or low-grade back pain pain that was nagging me most of the time. As far as my knee is concerned, it too has never felt better. After 10 months of not running at all, I'm running 3-6 miles a week now with zero pain.

The progress I have seen this season with my body's ability to handle my training and racing schedule is mostly due to the work Bomi has done with me. I was able to train harder on the bike than ever with minimal structural and muscular pain. I would recommend to all competitive athletes to get a massage at least once a month, but as I have learned the quality from one massage to another and indeed one massage therapist to another can vary dramatically. With Bomi, however, you always know you're getting his very BEST and I promise you with each session you will learn something new about your body.


But perhaps the most important difference between Bomi and all the other massage therapists I've seen, is that Bomi is the consummate professional. His energy and disposition are remarkable and he has an innate ability to create a meaningful bond with his clients and create an atmosphere not only of total relaxation but also TRUST. Every time I leave our sessions, I feel absolutely fantastic and have a huge smile to prove it. I honestly believe you would be hard pressed to find a better massage out there and I'm very confident you couldn't find a better person to get a massage from than Bomi.

David G

Testimonials: Testimonials
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